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Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003)


Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations, 2005

Chapter 2: Framework for Supply Chain Management Policies

Part 2: Acquisition management

26. Committee system for competitive bids


(1) A supply chain management policy must provide for—
(a) a committee system for competitive bids consisting of at least—
(i) a bid specification committee;
(ii) a bid evaluation committee; and
(iii) a bid adjudication committee;
(b) the appointment by the accounting officer of the members of each committee, taking into account section 117 of the Act; and
(c) an attendance or oversight process by a neutral or independent observer appointed by the accounting officer when this is appropriate for ensuring fairness and promoting transparency.


(2) The committee system must be consistent with—
(a) regulations 27, 28 and 29; and
(b) any other applicable legislation.


(3) A supply chain management policy may allow the accounting officer to apply the committee system to formal written price quotations.