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Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act No. 56 of 2003)

Chapter 10 : Municipal Entities

Part 4 : Reports and reportable matters

104. General reporting obligations


(1) The accounting officer of a municipal entity
(a) is, except where otherwise provided in this Act, responsible for the submission by the entity of all reports, returns, notices and other information to the entity’s parent municipality, as may be required by this Act; and
(b) must submit to the accounting officer of the entity’s parent municipality, the National Treasury, the relevant provincial treasury, the department of local government in the province or the Auditor-General such information, returns, documents, explanations and motivations as may be prescribed or as may be required.


(2) If the accounting officer of a municipal entity is unable to comply with any of the responsibilities in terms of this Act, he or she must promptly report the inability, together with reasons, to the council of the entity’s parent municipality.