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Land Survey Act, 1997 (Act No. 8 of 1997)


Notice No. 561 of 1997


1. Definitions

2. Appointment, powers and functions of Chief Surveyor-General

2A. Appointment, powers and functions of Chief Director

3. Duties of Chief Surveyor-General

3A. Duties of Chief Director

4. Establishment of offices of Surveyor -General for provinces

5. Appointment of Surveyor-General

6. Powers and duties of Surveyor-General

7. Delegation of powers

8. Fees of office

9. Survey regulations board

10. Regulations

11. Duties of land surveyor

12. Improper conduct of land surveyor

13. Limitation of liability

14. No registration of land without approved diagram or general plan

15. Manner of preparing diagram and general plan

16. Diagram and general plan must be signed by land surveyor

17. No approval of diagram of portion of unsurveyed land

18. Original survey of land to which title has been issued

19. Original survey of land to which no title has been issued

20. Division surveys

21. Diagram of exact fraction of land

22. Land represented by incorrect diagram

23. Rectification of overlap of diagrams

24. Replacing existing diagram by new diagram after resurvey

25. Resurvey of block of land other than township

26. Resurvey of townships

27. Approval of superseding general plan

28. Registration of pieces of land on superseding general plan

29. Resolution of boundary disputes

30. Rules for arbitrators

31. Rectification of title deeds after resolution of boundary dispute

32. Survey of water feature or line parallel thereto defining boundary of State land

33. Removal of uncertainty in description of river boundary

34. Removal of uncertainty in description of curvilinear boundary other than a river boundary

35. Beacons and boundaries lawfully established

36. Correction of registered diagram

37. Alteration or cancellation of general plan

38. Diagram for consolidated title

39. Manner of erecting beacons for survey purposes

40. Reference marks

41. Maintenance and re-erection of beacons

42. Town survey marks

43. Protection of trigonometrical stations

44. Offences and compensation for damages sustained thereby

45. Power of entry upon land

46. Notice to Surveyor-General of application to court

47. Act binding on State

48. Repeal of laws of former entities, and transitional provisions

49. Amendment of Act 40 of 1984, repeal of laws, and transitional provisions

50. Repeal of laws of the Republic, and transitional provisions

51. Short title