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Government Employees Pension Law, 1996

Schedule 1 : Rules of the Government Employees Pension Fund

4. Management of the fund

4.19 Report to or by the Board


4.19.1 Within eight months after the end of each fund year, subject to section 10 of the Law, the Board shall cause to be published in the Government Gazette a report on the activities of the Fund, which includes the annual financial statements of the Fund.


4.19.2 Remuneration paid to trustees, during a particular period under review, must be reflected in the financial statements.


4.19.3 On request of a member or any other person who has an interest in the Fund, a copy of the report of the Board is furnished on payment of such fee as determined by the Board provided that such fee shall relate to the cost of producing the report.


4.19.4 The Report, together with the annual financial statements of the Fund shall be submitted to the Minister in accordance with section 10 of the Law.


[Rule 4 substituted by section 2 of Notice No. 1434, GG47534, dated 18 November 2022]