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Annexure 1 : Government Employees Pension Law, 1996



1. Definitions

2. Continued existence, change of name and legal personality of certain fund

3. Object of the Fund

4. Members of Fund

5. Persons excluded from membership of Fund

6. Management of Fund by Board of Trustees

6A. Interim management of the Fund

7. Administration of Fund

8. Board to keep financial and related records

9. Annual financial statements

10. Report by Board on state of affairs, business and financial position of Fund

11. Auditors of Fund: Appointment and discharge of auditors

12. Powers and duties of auditors of Fund

13. Reports of auditors

14. Discontinuance of previous funds: transfer of assets and liabilities

15. Transfer to Fund of members and pensioners of Temporary Employees Pension Fund and Associated Institutions Pension Fund

16. Certain persons to be released from, and to forfeit certain obligations, rights and privileges when becoming members of Fund

17. Funding of Fund

18. Implementation of scheme to restore financial soundness of Fund

19. Age of retirement

20. Benefits may not be granted or varied except in accordance with an Act of Parliament

21. Prohibition on cession and attachment of benefits

22. Payment of gratuity to beneficiaries designated by member

23. Benefit not asset in insolvent estate

24. Application of benefits for payment of certain debts of pensioner

24A. Payment of pension interest upon divorce or dissolution of customary marriage

25. Increase of certain annuities and payment of allowances and bonuses

26. Period within which payment of benefits shall commence

27. Declaration of certain former members as dormant members of the Fund

28. Benefits not property for purposes of estate duty

29. Duty and power of Board to make rules

30. Protection of rights of members of previous funds, Temporary Employees Pension Fund and Associated Institutions Pension Fund

30A. Recognition of pensionable service of former members of non-statutory forces or services

31. Binding of the State

32. Withdrawal from the Fund

33. Dissolution of the Fund

33A. Transitional provision

34. Repeal and amendment of laws

35. Short title and commencement

Schedule 1 : Rules of the Government Employees Pension Fund

Schedule 2 : Laws Repealed

Schedule 3 : Laws Amended