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Government Employees Pension Law, 1996

Annexure 1 : Government Employees Pension Law, 1996

12. Powers and duties of auditors of Fund


(1) An auditor appointed in terms of section 11(1) shall exercise his or her powers, perform his or her functions and carry out his or her duties in accordance with section 20 of the Public Accountants' and Auditors' Act, 1991 (Act No. 80 of 1991).


(2) Such an auditor shall for the purpose of exercising his or her powers, performing his or her functions and carrying out his or her duties have—
(a) the right of access at all reasonable times to the accounting records and all books, vouchers, documents and other property of the Fund, and may require from the Board such information and explanations as he or she thinks necessary;
(b) the right to investigate whether there are adequate measures and procedures for the proper application of sound economical, efficient and effective management of the Fund and for the utilisation of all the resources under the control of the Board; and
(c) the right to investigate any matter, including the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal control of the Fund, relating to expenditure by and the revenue of the Fund.


(3) Subsection (2)(b) shall not be construed as entitling the auditor to question the merits of the policy objectives of the Fund.