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Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 (Act No. 4 of 2006)

Chapter III : Electricity Licences and Registration

10. Application for licence


(a) A person who has to hold a licence in terms of section 7 must apply to the Regulator for such a licence in the form and in accordance with the prescribed procedure.

[Section 10(1)(a) substituted by section 5 of Act No. 28 of 2007]

(b) Such an application must be accompanied by the prescribed application fee.


(2) Any application contemplated in subsection (1) must include—
(a) a description of the applicant, including vertical and horizontal relationships with other persons engaged in the operation of generation, transmission and distribution facilities, the import or export of electricity, trading or any other prescribed activity relating thereto;
(b) such documentary evidence of the administrative, financial and technical abilities of the applicant as may be required by the Regulator;
(c) a description of the proposed generation, transmission or distribution facility to be constructed or operated or the proposed service in relation to electricity to be provided, including maps and diagrams where appropriate;
(d) a general description of the type of customer to be served and the tariff and price policies to be applied;
(e) the plans and the ability of the applicant to comply with applicable labour, health, safety and environmental legislation, subordinate legislation and such other requirements as may be applicable;
(f) a detailed specification of the services that will be rendered under the licence;
(g) evidence of compliance with any integrated resource plan applicable at that point in time or provide reasons for any deviation for the approval of the Minister; and
(h) such other particulars as the Minister may prescribe.


[Section 10, previously section 11, renumbered by section 16(b) of Act No. 28 of 2007]