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Debt Collectors Act, 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)


Regulations relating to Debt Collectors, 2003

2A. Notice of change of particulars


(1) The holder of a certificate of registration shall—
(a) within 14 days of any change in the information furnished in his or her application for registration contemplated in regulation 2, inform the Council thereof; and
(b) if the information on the certificate of registration is no longer correct, follow the procedure prescribed in regulation 4(3) and forward the certificate of registration to the Council for amendment.


(2) A debt collector, contemplated in paragraph (a) or (b) of section 1 of the Act, shall, if a certificate of registration was issued to an agent or employee of the debt collector and the agent or employee ceases to be associated with, or in the employ of the debt collector, inform the Council accordingly within 14 days thereof and furnish the Council with all available information concerning the agent or employee.


(3) If the holder of a certificate of registration, or a debt collector contemplated in subregulation (2), fails to comply with the provisions of subregulation (1) or (2), the holder of a certificate of registration, or a debt collector may be found guilty of improper conduct.


[Regulation 2A inserted by section 3 of Notice R1623 of 2003]



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