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Debt Collectors Act, 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)


Regulations relating to Debt Collectors, 2003

12. Fees for taxation and documents of Council


(1) The debtor shall give at least 10 days' written notice before the date of taxation or assessment as contemplated in section 19 of the Act, to the debt collector in any manner he or she deems fit, and keep proper record of the manner in which the notice was given.


(2) The fee for taxation or assessment of any account or statement of costs, interest and payments claimed to be owed by a debtor to a debt collector or his or her client, contemplated in section 19(2) of the Act, is R20.


(3) The fee for taxation or assessment referred to in subregulation (2), in the case of taxation or assessment by the clerk of a magistrate's court, is payable by means of revenue stamps.


(4) A person may obtain a copy of a document in the possession or under the control of the Council at the payment to the Council of an amount of R1,10 for every A4-size page or part thereof.