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Debt Collectors Act, 1998 (Act No. 114 of 1998)

16. Withdrawal of registration by Council


1) The Council may withdraw the registration of a debt collector
a) if it appears that in his or her application for registration the applicant has given information that is false in a material respect;
b) if at any time after his or her registration–
i) he or she is convicted of an offence of which violence, dishonesty, extortion or intimidation is an element;
ii) he or she is found guilty in terms of section 15 of improper conduct;
iii) he or she becomes of unsound mind and is so declared or certified by a competent authority; or
iv) he or she becomes insolvent; or
c) in the case of a debt collector who is a company or close corporation, if the registration of a director of the company or a member of the close corporation or an officer of the company or close corporation, not being himself or herself a director or member, as the case may be, is withdrawn in terms of paragraph (b).


2) The Council shall not withdraw the registration of a debt collector unless he or she, either in person or through a legal representative, has been given the opportunity to be heard.


3) The Council shall give written notice to a debt collector of the withdrawal of his or her registration.



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