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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)

Chapter 7 : Protection of Children

Part 4 : Other protective measures

141. Child labour and exploitation of children


(1) No person may—
(a) use, procure or offer a child for slavery or practices similar to slavery, including but not limited to debt bondage, servitude and serfdom, or forced or compulsory labour or provision of services;
(b) use, procure, offer or employ a child for purposes of commercial sexual exploitation;
(c) [Section 141(1)(c) deleted by section 34 of Act No. 8 of 2017 - effective 31 January 2020 as per Proclamation No. R. 5, GG42987, dated 31 January 2020]
(d) use, procure or offer a child or attempt to do so for the commission of any offence listed in Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977); or
(e) use, procure, offer or employ a child for child labour.


(2) A social worker or social service professional who becomes aware of—
(a) any instance of a contravention of subsection (1)(a), (b), (c) or (d) must report it to a police official; and
(b) any instance of child labour or a contravention of the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 (Act No. 75 of 1997) must report it to the Department of Labour.