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Child Care Act, 1983 (Act No. 74 of 1983)

Chapter 2 : Children’s Courts and Commissioners of Child Welfare

7. Officers of children’s court


1) A commissioner or assistant commissioner of child welfare shall preside over a children's court, and such a court shall have such jurisdiction and powers as may be conferred upon it by this act or any other law.


2) The Minister may for every children’s court appoint any officer in the Public Service, or two or more such officers, as a children’s court assistant or children’s court assistants, who shall at any proceedings of the children’s court to which he is or they are attached, perform the functions assigned to the children’s court assistant by or under this act, and who shall generally assist the said court in performing its functions.


3) If a children’s court assistant is for any reason unable to act as such or if no children’s court assistant has been appointed for any children’s court under subsection (2), the commissioner concerned may designate any competent officer in the Public Service to act as children’s court assistant as long as the said children’s court assistant is unable so to act or until a children’s court assistant is appointed under subsection (2), as the case may be.