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Child Care Act, 1983 (Act No. 74 of 1983)

Chapter 4 : Adoptions

20. Effect of adoption


1) An order of adoption shall terminate all the rights and obligations existing between the child and any person who was his parent (other than a spouse contemplated in section 17(c)) immediately prior to such adoption, and that parent’s relatives.


2) An adopted child shall for all purposes whatever be deemed in law to be the legitimate child of the adoptive parent, as if he was born of that parent during the existence of a lawful marriage.


3) An order of adoption shall, unless otherwise thereby provided, confer the surname of the adoptive parent on the adopted child.


4) An order of adoption shall not have the effect of permitting or prohibiting any marriage or carnal intercourse (other than a marriage or carnal intercourse between the adoptive parent and the adopted child) which, but for the adoption, would have been prohibited or permitted.


5) When an order is made for the adoption of any child, any order made in respect of that child under section 15 of this Act or section 290 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No. 51 of 1977), shall lapse.