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Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Act, 1993 (Act No. 45 of 1993)


Publication of Air Traffic Service Charges

5. Independent variables


For purposes of charging, the independent variables of the tariff formulas set out in the Appendix are the following:


(a) Published MCM expressed in kilograms;


(b) “d”, measured on the basis of the great circle distance in nautical miles (rounded to the nearest nautical mile) along that portion of the flight path of an aircraft, which is within the boundaries of the South African flight information region, from the take-off airport or gateway to the landing airport or gateway. It excludes distance flown in the ACSA TMA airspace above the take-off or landing airport or the TMA airspace above FAKN or FARB, which TMA airspace is for charging purposes a radius of 35 nautical miles around the airport, irrespective of the actual radius