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Agricultural Pests Act, 1983 (Act No. 36 of 1983)


Control Measures relating to Asian citrus psyllid and Citrus greening: Asian and American strains

4. Issuance of an official order


(1) The authority shall issue an official order which shall be complied with in terms of section 7 of the Act in any area infested/infected or suspected infested/infected with regulated pests specified in Table 1.


(2) Official orders may relate to:
(a) demarcate a quarantine area;
(b) destroy regulated articles listed in Table 2 that tested positive for regulated plant pathogens listed in Table 1;
(c) prohibit the movement of regulated articles listed in Table 2 from a quarantine area;
(d) treat all regulated articles listed in Table 2 occurring in the quarantine area to prevent spread of the regulated pests listed in Table 1.
(3) Official order must remain in force until the phytosanitary measures have been implemented successfully or eradication has been declared successful.