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Value-Added Tax Act, 1991 (Act No. 89 of 1991)

Part X : Miscellaneous

65. Prices advertised or quoted to include tax


Any price advertised or quoted by any vendor in respect of any taxable supply of goods or services shall include tax and the vendor shall in his advertisement or quotation' state that the price includes tax, unless the total amount of the tax chargeable under section 7(1)(a), the price excluding tax and the price inclusive of tax for the supply are advertised or quoted by the vendor: Provided that—

(i) where the price inclusive of tax and the price excluding tax for a supply are advertised or quoted, both prices shall be advertised or quoted with equal prominence and impact;
(ii) price tickets on goods need not state that the prices include tax if this is stated by way of a notice prominently displayed at all entrances to the premises in which the enterprise is carried on and at all points in such premises where payments are effected;
(iii) the Commissioner may in the case of any vendor or class of vendors approve any other method of displaying prices of goods or services by such vendor or class of vendors or, where the rate of tax is increased or reduced, the date on which the increased or reduced rate of tax takes effect.

[Section 65(iii) substituted by section 103(1) of Act No. 43 of 2014]

(iv) a vendor may not state or imply that any form of trade, cash or any other form of discount or refund is in lieu of the tax chargeable in terms of section 7(1)(a).