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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations pertaining to the National Curriculum Statement for Grades R-12

14. Registration of additional subjects in the Further Education and Training Phase


(1) Learners in Grades 10 may register for additional subjects for the end-of-year examination, subject to the following conditions—
(a) The learner has obtained written permission from the Head of the assessment body or his or her nominee;
(b) The learner must meet the requirements for School-Based Assessment and Practical/Oral Assessment Task components, where applicable, for the specific subject;
(c) If the additional subject that the learner wishes to choose is not presented at the school of attendance, the learner must obtain the approval of the Principal where the learner has registered, as well as the permission of the Principal of the school or accredited assessment body where the additional subject will be offered;
(d) The school offering the additional subject must forward the School-Based Assessment and Practical Assessment Task marks where applicable to the school of attendance prior to commencement of the end-of-year examination;
(e) The school where the learner is registered must capture all School-Based Assessment and Practical/Oral Assessment Task components marks of the learner correctly and the relevant forms on which these marks are captured must be signed by the Principal to confirm the correctness thereof; and
(f) A learner registered for an additional subject must sit for the final end-of- year examination at the school of registration. Where this is not possible, special permission must be obtained from the Head of the assessment body or his or her nominee.