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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations relating to the Exemption of parents from payment of School Fees in Public Schools, 2005

7. Alteration of decision


(1) If a governing body has granted a parent exemption and later obtains information that the financial position of the parent has since changed substantially, the governing body may—
(a) reconsider the decision to grant exemption; and
(b) amend the amount that the parent must pay from the date on which the change took place.


(2) The amended amount that the parent must pay is the amount for the full year less the amount of exemption that had been granted to him or her.


(3) Before taking action in terms of subregulation (l), the governing body must—
(a) notify the parent concerned of the intended action and of the information on which it will be based; and
(b) afford the parent the opportunity to rebut, if need be, the information and to show cause why the exemption should not be reconsidered.


(4) Despite subregulation (1), the amount that the parent must pay must be calculated from the date on which his or her financial position changed.