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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No 84 of 1996)

The National Senior Certificate : A Qualification at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Chapter 2 : Promotion Requirements of the NSC Grades 10–12 (General)

9. Requirements of the NSC


1) Subject to paragraphs 1, 11 and 20, an NSC shall be issued to a candidate who has complied with the following requirements:
a) Offered and completed the internal and external assessment requirements in not fewer than seven (7) subjects selected as follows from Annexure B:
i) Four subjects from Group A selected as follows:

Two (2) official languages selected from Annexure B, Table A1, provided that one of the two official languages is offered on the Home Language level, and the other, on either Home or First Additional Language level, and provided further that one of the two languages is the language of learning and teaching (LOLT).

ii) Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy selected from Annexure B. Table A2.
iii) Life Orientation in Annexure B. Table A3.
iv) A minimum of any three subjects selected from Group B Annexure B. Tables B1-B8. Of the minimum three required subjects, a maximum of two additional languages over and above the two official languages contemplated in paragraph 9(1)(a)(i), may be offered from both Tables A1 and B4.