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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No 84 of 1996)

The National Senior Certificate : A Qualification at Level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

Chapter 2 : Promotion Requirements of the NSC Grades 10–12 (General)

10. Provisos


1) A candidate that has met the minimum programme requirements of the NSC as contemplated in paragraph 9, may offer more than the required minimum of seven (7) subjects provided that he or she complies with the following requirements:
a) The additional subjects must be offered for all three years of the NCS programme, namely Grades 10-12.
b) All the internal assessment requirements for the required subjects, and the practical assessment where applicable, must be met for all three (3) years of study, namely Grades 10-12.


2) Not more than one language shall be offered from the same group, namely:
a) isiXhosa, isiZulu, SiSwati and isiNdebele; and
b) Sepedi, Sesotho and Setswana.


3) The same language shall not be offered as a Home and a First or Second Additional Language, or as a First and Second Additional Language.


4) A candidate may not offer both Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy.


5) A maximum of one subject developed and assessed by an accredited assessment body, and approved by the Minister for this purpose may be offered to meet the requirements of three (3) Group B subjects as contemplated in paragraph 9(1)(a)(iv).  Such subjects are listed in Annexure C. Additional approved subjects will be added to Annexure C from time to time.


6) Where a candidate has completed more than one Practical Music programme of one of the listed Music assessment bodies, namely the Associated Board of Royal Schools Practical Music Examination or Trinity College of London Practical Music Examination or Unisa Practical Music Examination, only the highest level of achievement obtained by the candidate from that assessment body will be recognized for the NSC.


7) N1-N3 National Certificate, National Intermediate Certificate and National Senior Certificate subjects as listed in the technical college policy document, namely, Formal Technical College Instructional Programmes in the RSA, Report 191 (2001/08) will not be considered for the NSC. This applies to all learners registering for the NCS Grades 10-12 (General) in 2006.


8) Institutions that allow part-time learners to offer subjects with a practical component must ensure that all the practical requirements of the NSC are met as set out in the Subject Assessment Guidelines.