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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate, 2005

Chapter 13 : The National Examination Irregularities Committee (NEIC)

71. Jurisdiction of the NEIC


(1) The National Examinations Irregularities Committee will have jurisdiction in any alleged assessment irregularity relating to or occurring during the various stages of the assessment process, which includes:
(a) Registration of learners;
(b) Compilation of Internal assessment marks;
(c) Monitoring and moderation of Internal assessment;
(d) Setting and moderation of examination question papers;
(e) Writing of the examinations;
(f) Marking of examination scripts;
(g) Capturing of marks;
(h) Standardisation of results;
(i) Release of examination results; and
(j) Certification process.


(2) All decisions taken by the Provincial Examinations Irregularities Committee relating to irregularities in the above stages of the assessment process will be subject to final ratification by the National Examinations Irregularities Committee.