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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate, 2005

Chapter 5 : Conduct of examinations

32. Examination monitoring


(1) It is the responsibility of the Department of Education to develop and implement a monitoring policy.


(2) The Director-General must ensure compliance with the national monitoring policy, which assessment bodies may adapt with the approval of the Head of Department.


(3) Umalusi will verify the monitoring system and ensure that the outcome of the system is valid.


(4) All assessment bodies must establish appropriate structures and processes to monitor the examination cycle.


(5) The examinations will be monitored to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the regulations and policies applicable to the examination.


(6) The monitoring must cover all stages of the examination, commencing with the preparatory phase and concluding with the release of the results.


(7) The assessment body must determine the composition of the monitoring team, which may include representatives from outside the provincial education department so as to ensure the credibility of the monitoring team.


(8) The monitoring team must visit a sample of the examination centres while the examination is in progress and report on, amongst others, the following:
(a) General management of the examination;
(b) Invigilation;
(c) Condition of examination rooms;
(d) Seating of candidates;
(e) Administration of reading time; and
(f) Return of scripts.


(9) The marking process should also be closely monitored. The monitoring team should visit the marking centres to observe the marking process and to ensure compliance with the relevant policy and regulations.


(10) The monitoring team must report to the assessment body during the writing of the examinations, on a prescribed format, at least once a week.


(11) The assessment body must also monitor the implementation of Internal assessment at school level.


(12) Umalusi may request the assessment body to submit a report regarding the monitoring of the Senior Certificate examinations.