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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools

8G. Early release from school


(1) A public school must have an early release procedure that allows parents or designated persons to collect learners from school early.


(2) A public school must keep a written record to be used in cases of early release that indicates—
(a) the name of the learner;
(b) the grade of the learner;
(c) the name of the person collecting the learner; and
(d) the time, date and purpose of the early release.


(3) If the learner is to be collected by a person designated by a parent—
(a) that person must produce proof of such designation;
(b) the public school must ensure that the designated person is known to the learner; and
(c) the public school must take measures to contact the parent of a learner if there is any doubt about the identity of the person collecting the learner.


(4) A public school must inform the parents in advance if the learners are going to be released from school early.