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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools

4. Violence and drug free public schools


(1) All public schools are hereby declared drug free and dangerous object free zones.


(2) No person may—
(a) allow any dangerous object in the public school premises;
(b) carry any dangerous object in the public school premises;
(c) store any dangerous object in the public school premises except in officially designated places identified by the principal;
(d) possess illegal drugs on public school premises;
(e) enter public school premises while under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol;
(f) cause any form of violence or disturbances which can negatively impact on any public school activities;
(g) wittingly condone, connive, hide, abet, encourage possession of dangerous objects or refuse, fail, neglect to report the sighting or presence of any dangerous objects to the departmental authorities or the police as soon as possible;
(h) directly or indirectly cause harm to anyone, who exposes another person who makes an attempt to frustrate the prevention of the dangerous objects and activities.


(3) A police official or in his absence, the principal or delegate may, without warrant—
(a) search any public school premises if he or she has a reasonable suspicion that a dangerous object or illegal drugs may be present in the public school premises in contravention of the regulations;
(b) search any person present on the public school premises; and
(c) seize any dangerous object or illegal drugs present on public school premises or on the person in contravention of these regulations.


(4) No educator, parent or learner, and no other person, may possess or use-
(a) alcohol;
(b) illegal drugs;
(c) any illegal substance; or
(d) dangerous objects,

during any school activity.