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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)

Chapter 3 : Public Schools

28. Election of members of governing body



Subject to this Act and any applicable provincial law, the Member of the Executive Council must, by notice in the Provincial Gazette, determine –

a) the term of office of members and office-bearers of a governing body;
b) the designation of an officer to conduct the process for the nomination and election of members of the governing body;
c) the procedure for the disqualification or removal of a member of the governing body or the dissolution of a governing body, for sufficient reason in each case;
d) the procedure for the filling of a vacancy on the governing body;
e) guidelines for the achievement of the highest practicable level of representativity of members of the governing body;
f) a formula or formulae for the calculation of the number of members of the governing body to be elected in each of the categories referred to in section 23(2), but such formula or formulae must provide reasonable representation for each category and must be capable of application to the different sizes and circumstances of public schools; and
g) any other matters necessary for the election, appointment or assumption of office of members of the governing body.