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Sectional Titles Act, 1986 (Act No. 95 of 1986)

Part III : Registration and Common Property

15A. Proof of certain facts in connection with deeds and documents by means of certain certificates


(1) A conveyancer or any other person who is authorised thereto by or under any law, who prepares a deed or other document for the purposes of registration or filing in a deeds registry, and who signs a prescribed certificate on such deed or document, accepts by virtue of such signing the responsibility, to the extent prescribed by regulation for the purposes of this section, for the accuracy of the facts mentioned in such deed or document or which are relevant in connection with the registration or filing thereof, and which are prescribed by regulation.

[Section 15A(1) substituted by section 9(a) of Act No. 44 of 1997]


(2) [Section 15A(2) deleted by section 9(b) of Act No. 44 of 1997].


(3) A registrar shall accept, during the course of his examination of a deed or other document in accordance with the provisions of this Act, that the facts referred to in subsection (1) in connection with the registration or filing of a deed or other document in respect of which a certificate referred to in subsection (1) or (2) has been signed, have for the purposes of such examination been conclusively proved: Provided that the aforegoing provisions of this subsection shall not derogate from the obligation of a registrar to give effect to any order of court or any other notification recorded in the deeds registry in terms of this Act or a provision in any other law contained and which affects the registration or filing of such deed or other document.


[Section 15A inserted by section 10 of Act No. 63 of 1991]