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Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998)


Regulations in terms of the Medical Schemes Act

Chapter 5 : Provision of managed health care

15J. General Provisions


1) Any managed health care contract, contemplated in Regulation 15A, must require either party to give at least 90 days notice before terminating the contract, except in cases of material breach of the provisions of the contract, or where the availability or quality of health care rendered to beneficiaries of a medical scheme is likely to be compromised by the continuation of the contract.


2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these regulations –
a) a medical scheme and a managed health care organisation may not use any incentive that directly or indirectly compensates or rewards any person for ordering, providing, recommending or approving relevant health services that are medically inappropriate;
b) any information pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment or health of any beneficiary of a medical scheme must be treated as confidential;
c) subject to the provisions of any other legislation, a medical scheme is entitled to access any treatment record held by a managed health care organisation or health care provider and other information pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and health status of the beneficiary in terms of a contract entered into pursuant to regulation 15A, but such information may not be disclosed to any other person without the express consent of the beneficiary;
d) where provision is made by a managed care provider for complaints or appeals procedures or mechanisms, such provision shall in no way impact upon the entitlement of a beneficiary to –
i) complain to, or lodge a dispute with, his or her medical scheme;
ii) lodge a complaint with Council; or
iii) take any other legal action to which he or she would ordinarily be entitled.