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Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 (Act No. 4 of 2006)


Electricity Regulations on New Generation Capacity, 2011

2. Application of the Regulations


(1) These Regulations apply to the procurement of new generation capacity, by organs of state active in the energy sector, including—
(a) new generation capacity derived from renewable energy sources and co-generation;
(b) base load, mid-merit load, peak load new generation capacity and energy storage; and
(c) cross border projects,

but excluding new generation capacity derived from nuclear power technology.

[Subregulation 2(1) substituted by section 3 of Notice No. 1093, GG43810, dated 16 October 2020]


(2) These Regulations do not apply to the purchase of new generation capacity by persons other than organs of state.

[Subregulation (2) substituted by regulation 3 of Notice No. R. 1366 of 2016]