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Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 (Act No. 4 of 2006)


Electricity Regulations for Expropriation on behalf of a Licensee

3. Delivery and language used in documents


(1) Whenever a document must be delivered in terms of these Regulations, the delivery must take place at the last-known address of the addressee or at an address appointed by the addressee—
(a) by hand delivery; or
(b) by facsimile transmission or electronic means to a number or electronic address furnished by the addressee: Provided that a confirmatory copy of the document is sent by ordinary mail or by other suitable method within one day of such facsimile or electronic transmission; or
(c) by prepaid registered post.


(2) Whenever a document or a part of a document which is in colour has to be delivered, every copy thereof which is delivered and in the case of a facsimile or electronic transmission, the confirmatory copy must be in the same colour as the original.


(3) All documents must be in English and other official language that may be requested in writing by the addressee.


(4) An address, including a facsimile number or electronic address, if any, where delivery of further documentation or notices may take place, must be supplied by every person or official who reacts to—
(a) the notice contemplated in regulation 2(3); and
(b) the application.