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5. IRP Update


Inputs from the public and the consideration of all the comments necessitated the updating of planning assumptions, including updated information from Eskom. Modelling work, simulation and analysis of a further set of test cases was completed on the basis of this updated input data. The test cases were developed to assess the following:


impact of the changed assumptions on the draft 2018 recommended plan,
the impact of plants shutting down in case of non-compliance with minimum emissions standards (MES),
the impact of Koeberg plant shutting down in 2024 if its design life is not extended,
the impact of the removal of the policy adjustments adopted in draft IRP 2018, and
realistic assumptions for gas to power capacity by year 2030.


The details of input parameters for respective test cases are contained in Table 4.


N1360 Table 4 Test Case Variable Input Parameters


5.1 Observations from the Test Cases

5.2 Emerging Long Term Plan (IRP 2019)

5.3 Key Considerations and Actions