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Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 (Act No. 4 of 2006)

Chapter III : Electricity Licences and Registration

22. Powers of entry and inspection


(1) Any person authorised thereto by a licensee may at all reasonable times enter any premises to which electricity is or has been supplied by such licensee, in order to inspect the lines, meters, fittings, works and apparatus belonging to such licensee, or for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of electricity consumed, or where a supply is no longer required, or where such licensee may cut off the supply, for the purpose of removing any lines, meters, fittings, works and apparatus belonging to such licensee.


(2) Any person wishing to enter any premises in terms of subsection (1) shall—
(a) if possible, make the necessary arrangements with the legal occupant of the premises before entering such premises and shall adhere to all reasonable security measures, if any, of the occupant or owner of the premises;
(b) exhibit his authorization at the request of any person materially affected by his activities.


(3) Damage caused by such entry, inspection or removal shall be repaired or compensated for by the licensee.


[Section 22, previously section 23, renumbered by section 16(b) of Act No. 28 of 2007]