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Close Corporations Act, 1984 (Act No. 69 of 1984)


Close Corporations Administrative Regulations

13. Preservation of records


(1) Any document lodged with the Registration Office or any record in the CIPRO record retention system may, subject to the provisions of any law, be moved to other locations, stored in another form or be destroyed, as the case may be.

[Regulation 13(1) substituted by regulation 12 of Notice No. R. 607 dated 1 July 2005]


(2) A corporation may reproduce or cause to be reproduced any record to be kept by it under the Act on microfilm: Provided that any record that may be reproduced on microfilm shall be reproduced in accordance with the code of practice of the South African Bureau of Standards for the processing, testing and preservation of silver gelatin microfilm for archival purposes.


(3) A reproduction of any original record of a corporation on microfilm shall be certified by a member or officer of the corporation to be a true and accurate reproduction of the original of such record and such certificate shall be substantially in the form contained in Schedule 2 to these regulations.


(4) Any reproduction referred to in subregulations (2) and (3) shall for all purposes be deemed to be the original record of the corporation concerned, and a copy obtained by means of such reproduction and certified by a member or officer of that corporation as a true copy of such reproduction shall be admissible as evidence and shall therefore be as effective in law as if it were the original of the record concerned.


(5) A corporation shall, in accordance with the code of practice of the South African Bureau of Standards referred to in subregulation (2), take the necessary steps to ensure the safe preservation of any microfilm on which any record of the corporation has been reproduced.