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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment

Marketing, Advertising and Communication (MAC) Sector Charter

1. Proposed Marketing, Advertising and Communication Transformation Charter


Annexure A : Stakeholder Transformation Charters



Association of Advertising Agencies


Transformation Charter


We, members of the Association of Advertising Agencies, believe that our industry should be the creator and custodian of truly outstanding South African advertising ideas, ideas that while proudly proclaiming their African heritage, still communicate effectively within the global context. We, accordingly, jointly and severally commit ourselves to the harnessing of all resources at our disposal towards the transformation of our industry and related disciplines to reflect and represent the totality of skills and contributions from our unique South African experience. We, further, pledge ourselves to the actualisation of empowerment and transformation goals as determined by prevailing industry needs and dictates in order to achieve meaningful and total involvement of those formerly excluded from the real process. We are irrevocably committed to changing our industry for the better and shall only open membership of the Association of Advertising Agencies to those who demonstrate their commitment to transformation by adopting and signing this charter.


We will therefore establish the advertising industry as unique to South Africa; for all the - people of South Africa; by all the people of South Africa; promote the constitutional right of equality and the exercise of true democracy; eliminate unfair discrimination; ensure the implementation of employment equity to redress the effects of discrimination; achieve a diverse workforce broadly representative of our people; promote economic development and efficiency in the workforce; provide training and skills through the AAA School of Advertising to students previously excluded from access initiate practical training programmes for skills development; change the culture of our organisation and members to accept and implement the changes; seek and accept equity partners to reflect the true demography and rich cultures of South Africa; support and encourage each other in reaching our stated goals in letter and spirit; irrevocably bind ourselves to measures to achieve these goals within a reasonable time.