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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Industry Charters

Forest Sector Charter

Annexure A: Extract from the Companion to the Charter listing detailed undertakings in the Charter

Sawlog growing strategy and programme for South Africa


Par. 15.2.2 of the Charter contains the undertaking to develop a sawlog growing strategy and programme. This strategy and programme will include the following measures:

(a) Ensure that emerging timber growers who have lawfully licensed timber plantations are included in DWAF's definition of "resource poor farmers" and subject to the same benefits as others so classified.
(b) Review the State Forest Exit Strategy in Southern and Western Cape.
(c) Create incentives for emerging black growers to invest in long rotation sawtimber crops.
(d) Develop government conditions on lease of state forestland to ensure the continued production of sawlogs.
(e) Promote greater investment by the sawmilling industry in raw material supply.
(f) Create land dedication schemes for long rotation crops linked to, inter alia, tax incentives.
(g) Develop sector programmes involving government and the industry to combat softwood plantation losses.
(h) Develop appropriate species selection, growing and harvesting strategies that meet the structured market requirements for a diversity of saw-timber products in the country.