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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Industry Charters

Forest Sector Charter

Annexure A: Extract from the Companion to the Charter listing detailed undertakings in the Charter

Forest protection services


Par. 15.2.3 of the Charter contains the undertaking to develop a forest protection strategy to reduce the currently escalating losses being experienced through fires, pest and disease. This strategy and programme will include the following measures:


(a) Pests and diseases


a. Government, through DWAF, and the Industry undertake to:
b. Profile pest and disease issues as a Government priority.
c. Compile a risk analysis of the current and potential threats facing timber plantations and to make recommendations as to the best way to mitigate these.
d. Develop and agree upon an integrated strategy to implement the recommendations, including providing for increased levels of support through infrastructure, human resource capacity and funding.
e. Prioritise pest and disease research aspects in the Forest Sector R&D strategy.
f. Negotiate with the national Department of Agriculture to expedite the procedures for importation of Biological Control Agents to assist in the control of pest and disease outbreaks.
g. Enhance phytosanitory monitoring and control at ports of entry into South Africa.
h. Enhance public awareness about the threats posed by forest pest and diseases.


(b) Forest fires


Government, through DWAF, undertakes to:

a. Ensure that policies and strategies are in place to ensure compliance by land owners with the provisions of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act, 1998 (Act No. 101 of 1998) as amended.
b. Ensure that capacity exists to enforce the provisions of the NVFFA.
c. Ensure that measures are in place to encourage enrolment and participation in Fire Protection Associations.
d. Encourage the provision of resources to Fire Protection Associations, particularly those servicing communal areas, to enable them to provide improved levels of service.
e. Assist Industry through the provision of 'seed funding' to implement emerging grower fire insurance cover as outlined in par. 13.2.5 of the Charter.
f. Implement, on an ongoing basis, National Fire Awareness campaigns with particular emphasis on high fire risk areas.
g. Support resource-poor Fire Protection Associations.
h. Enhance capacity of Working on Fire programme to fight veld and forest fires.

Industry, in turn, undertakes to:

i. Increase enrolment and participation in Fire Protection Associations.
j. Increase  collective  support  of  equipment,  personnel  and  training  for  Fire Protection  Associations.
k. Enhance cooperation and support to the Working on Fire programme.
I. Provide access to fire fighting training for emerging growers.
m. Implement an emerging grower fire insurance scheme as outlined in par. 13.2.5 of the Charter.
n. Implement fire awareness programmes in forest areas.