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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Industry Charters

Forest Sector Charter

7. B-BBEE Scorecard for the Forest Sector

7.1 Application of the Scorecard


The indicators, weighing and targets set out in the scorecard presented in Table 1 have been designed to meet the sector-specific requirements for forest enterprises to support B-BBEE.


The  scorecard  applies  to  all  enterprises  in  the  Forest  Sector,  subject  to  the  following exemptions and qualifications:

(a) If a measured enterprise operates in more than one sector, the enterprise will be required to report on all its activities in terms of the scorecard for the sector in which majority of its core activities (measured in terms of turnover) are located. Provided that where the activities of a measured entity are located within separate trading business or operating units, the entity shall be entitled to report separately on those activities according to the relevant scorecard for that activity, subject to the requirements outlined in the Codes of Good Practice.
(b) Forest enterprises that are deemed to be "Exempted Micro-Enterprises" (EME's) qualify for BEE compliance exemption, provided they meet the requirements of non-circumvention as outlined in Statement 001 of the Codes of Good Practice. These enterprises have a deemed BEE recognition level provided four in Statement 000. Although EME's are exempted from the scorecard requirements, they must comply with the Industry Codes of Conduct provided for under this Charter and also are encouraged to support transformation. When enterprises submit proof of their EME-status, they shall sign a commitment of compliance with the Industry Codes of Conduct. Failure to do so or to comply with Industry Codes of Conduct will result in a downgrading of their BEE recognition level.
(c) Enterprises that are deemed to be "Qualifying Small Enterprises" (QSE's) are subject to the requirements of the Qualifying Small Enterprise Scorecard as presented in Table 2. The requirements for applying the scorecard are detailed in Statement 000 of the Codes of Good Practice.
(d) Statement 102 of the Codes of Good Practice that deals with the recognition of the sale of assets and Statement 103 of the Codes of Good  Practice that deals with the recognition of ownership contributions made by Multinational Companies will apply to the Forest Sector.
(e) Measured entities receive points on the Employment Equity element of the Scorecard only if they are in compliance with the Industry Codes of Conduct for employment practices as outlined in par. 12.2 (d) of this Charter.
(f) The scorecard targets and weightings  provided for  in this Charter  will apply  from the date that the Charter has been gazetted as a Sector Code in terms of section 9 of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003, and will remain in force until substituted or repealed.