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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Sector Codes

Defence Sector Code

19. Defence Sector Charter Council


19.1 A Charter Council shall be established to oversee and monitor the implementation of this Sector Code. The Charter Council shall be a representative body comprising of stakeholders in the SADI and shall comprise of not less than 5 members.


19.2 The Minister of Defence shall appoint the Charter Council after consulting with the SADI Stakeholders.


19.3 The functions of the Charter Council shall include:
19.3.1 providing guidance, clarification, support and assistance with interpretation of this Sector Code;
19.3.2 liaising with all government departments, agencies and other relevant Stakeholders for the purpose of facilitating the implementation of this Sector Code and promote the SADI’s interests;
19.3.3 compiling an annual report on overall progress by the SADI with the Defence Sector Code and submitting such report to any relevant stakeholders including the Minister, the Minister of Defence, the B-BBEE Commission and NDIC;
19.3.4 issuing implementation guidelines; and
19.3.5 initiating and supervising any revisions to this Sector Code.


19.4 The Charter Council shall have executive authority and shall be supported by administrative staff.


19.5 The DOD shall be responsible for funding the operational expenses of the Charter Council.