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5. Statement 804: Skills Development for QSE's


5. Statement 804: Skills development for QSE's
5.1 The QSE Skills Development Scorecard

The following table represents the criteria used for deriving a score for skills development under this statement:


Skills Development Element

Weighting Points

Compliance Target

Adjusted skills development spend on learning programmes for black employees as a percentage of leviable amount




5.2 Key measurement principles
5.2.1 Any Skills Development Spend by a Measured Entity that is an ABET programme is recognisable at a multiple of 1.25 to the actual value of such Skills Development Spend.
5.2.2 Skills Development Spend includes any legitimate expenses incurred for any Learning Programme offered by a Measured Entity to its employees evidenced by an invoice or appropriate internal accounting record.
5.2.3 Legitimate training expenses include: costs of training materials; costs of trainers including, where appropriate, the opportunity cost of internal trainers; costs of training facilities including costs of catering; scholarships and bursaries; course fees; accommodation and travel; and administration costs such as organisation of training including, where appropriate, the cost to the Measured Entity of employing a skills development facilitator or a training manager.
5.2.4 No portion of any salary or wage paid to any employee participating as a learner in any Learning Programme constitutes Skills Development Spend unless the Learning Programme is an In-service Training Programme.