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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

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Chartered Accountancy Charter

Section C From Theory to Practice: The Scorecard

14. Guiding Principles for SAICA


With regard to B-BBEE, SAICA has a dual role to play: In the first place, it will be to act as an overarching body to co-ordinate the efforts for the CA profession and sector, as set out in paragraph 3.


In the second place SAICA is also an organisation in its own right, which means that it, too, will need to adopt the CA Sector Code and apply it to the organisational structure of the Institute. However, in terms of code series 000, statement 004, SAICA is considered to be a specialised enterprise, which is an enterprise that has no shareholding and thus cannot be evaluated in terms of black ownership criteria. SAICA has no owners who share in the profit of the organisation and will thus have to be evaluated and measured in terms of the adjusted Generic Scorecard.


The indicators and Weightings for the adjusted Generic Scorecard are as follows:


Weighting (points)

Management Control


Employment Equity


Skills Development


Preferential procurement


Enterprise Development


Socio-Economic Development Contributions



The measure for success within the realm of transformation will be based on the Qualifying Examination (QE), where two objective targets have been set:


That the number of candidates presenting themselves for the QE are representative, demographically, of the country's population both in terms of race and gender; and
That the pass rate is equal across all race groups.


Achievement of these targets would be indicative of the achievement of true transformation of the profession. However, these targets cannot be accomplished simply or quickly; indeed, it requires addressing a variety of challenges at each level of a potential CA's progress. SAICA's role in meeting the challenges facing the CA sector is set out in section D.

SAICA will have to report to the Charter Council on its own scorecard as an organisation as well on as specific transformation initiatives assigned to it in terms of this Sector Code.