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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

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Chartered Accountancy Charter

Section C From Theory to Practice: The Scorecard

13. The QSE Scorecard for the CA Sector

13.2 Application of the CA Sector QSE Scorecard

13.2.3 The QSE Employment Equity Scorecard


The objective is to measure initiatives targeted to achieve Employment Equity in respect of all Measured Entities (CA sector QSEs) in the workplace by means of the indicators listed below. A fundamental principle is to ensure alignment with the EE Act.


The Employment Equity Element of the QSE scorecard is a simplified version of the Generic Scorecard. The objective of this simplification is to enable small and medium businesses to comply more easily with the requirements of the Codes.


For purposes of this section the indicators and Weightings shall be as follows:


QSE Employment Equity indicators

Weighting points

Compliance Target




CA sector

For 2011

for 2016

Black Employees of the Measured Entity who are Management as a percentage of all Management adjusted using the adjusted recognition for gender





Black Employees of the Measured Entity as a percentage of





all Employees adjusted using the adjusted recognition for










Bonus points





For meeting or exceeding the EAP Targets in each category above


Wherever possible a Measured Entity must use the data that it files with the Department of Labour under the EE Act in calculating its score under the Employment Equity scorecard.


In order for a Measured Entity to achieve bonus points at a particular level, the entity needs to meet or exceed the EAP Targets for that specific level (1 for Management; 1 for all Employees).


A Measured Entity exempt from filing returns must compile its data for calculating its score under the Employment Equity scorecard using the guidelines set out in the EE Act and its Employment Equity Regulations.


For purposes of the CA sector QSEs, indicator Weightings have the following definitions:


Representation of Black People in Management means Employees of a Measured Entity who undertake the day-to-day management of the Measured Entity but who do not necessarily have ownership in the Measured Entity.


Representation of black Employees among all staff in the enterprise means that even if Black People are not represented in Management, the enterprise will be able to score up to 10 of the 25 Weighting points for Employment Equity.


Measurement of the economic Employment Equity indicators


In this calculation the adjusted recognition for gender as per paragraph 13.2 is used.



Where    A      =      score for the measured category indicator

                 B      =      adjusted recognition for gender

                 C      =      Target for that measurement category

                 D      =      Weighting for the measured indicator