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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment

Integrated Transport Sector Codes

Taxi Industry Sub-Sector Code for B-BBEE

7. Taxi Associations

7.3 Employment Equity



7.3.1 This indicator refers to the weighted employment equity analysis within a traditional company as required by the Employment Equity Act. Our challenge is to increase the representation of black women, black youth and black people living with disabilities in our industry. Through the various initiatives with other private sector companies and industries, opportunities have been created within the taxi industry to increase the  participation  of  black women,  black youth  and  people living with disabilities in areas of supervision, administration, training etc.


7.3.2 TETA commits to: Ensure that it plays a significant role in monitoring and supporting stakeholders to meet their EE targets.


7.3.3 Industry Commits to: Black Women Representation: 50% of all employees should be Black women. Black Youth Representation: 30% of all employees should be Black Youth. Black Disabled: 2% of all employees should be Black People Living with Disabilities. Adhere to existing legislation, which includes the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Skills Development Act, Employment Equity Act, etc. and conclude as soon as possible, the discussions on a Sectoral Determination.


7.3.4 Measurement Principles and the Application of the Charter Measurement principles on the employment equity element, is contained in Statement 300 of Code 300 of the Generic Code of Good Practice. The formulae required in the determination of the employment equity score are contained in Annexure 300 (A)-B of Statement 300 of Code 300 of the Generic Code of Good Practice. The formula for the determination of the Adjusted Recognition for Gender - Annexure 300 (A)-A will not apply. Measurement principles for the determination of the Employment Equity score for QSE are contained in Statement 803 of Code 800 of the Generic Codes of Good Practice.