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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment

Integrated Transport Sector Codes

Taxi Industry Sub-Sector Code for B-BBEE

5. Indicators of Empowerment


5.1 The Taxi Industry should make significant strides in addressing the issue of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment through the Taxi Recapitalisation Project as well as by using the industry's Buying Power in the areas of maintenance, insurance, communication, fuel, spares, mining, etc. to benefit its stakeholders and members.


5.2 In light of the above statement all stakeholders are supportive of the indicators of empowerment as stated in the B-BBEE Generic Codes of Good Practice. Thus the industry decided to develop a balanced B-BBEE Scorecard (Annexure A) that exhibit BEE framework compliance by Taxi Owners and/or Operators (Section 5) as well as Taxi Associations (Section 6). These are two sub-sectors of this industry. That is, in this document sub-sector refers to either the Taxi Owners and Operators or the Taxi Associations.


5.3 However, since the industry is almost entirely black-owned, the indicators will have to  be amended to be in line with the industry's unique circumstances.


5.4 This "Broad-Based BEE Charter" for the Taxi Industry has the following key components:


5.4.1 The extent to which the industry is transformed in terms of representation by gender, youth and black people living with disabilities, needs to be addressed. This Sub-Sector Code therefore seeks to address the empowerment of black women, black youth and black people living with disabilities in terms of ownership, management control and employment equity in the sub-sector.


5.4.2 B-BBEE may also be used to address the key challenges of skills development and training, preferential procurement, enterprise development and social development.


5.4.3 Lastly, addressing the issue of subsidies and participation in other passenger transport services such as buses and tour operations, would go a long way in addressing the long-term sustainability of the industry.


5.5 This B-BBEE Sub-Sector Code for the Taxi Industry therefore seeks to address the above-mentioned challenges.