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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Codes of Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment

Integrated Transport Sector Codes

Maritime Transport & Services Industry Sub-Sector Code for B-BBEE

2. Long-term Vision

2.3 Undertakings by all Stakeholders (to achieve this vision):



2.3.1 To promote a collaborative relationship with organisations such as Proudly South Africa (PSA) and stakeholders in  the mining and liquid fuels industries through the Ship South African Campaign to persuade local cargo owners to increase the cargo carried on South African ships1 to 25% of the total within the next five years. South African companies, with particular focus on B-BBEE compliant companies, should broker 25% of all cargo handled by brokers within the next five years, subject to review.


2.3.2 The new mining and liquid fuels industry leadership should place shipping on the agenda as part of their strategic level discussions on export and import programmes. These industries are well positioned to facilitate the utilisation of black shipping service providers in joint ventures with established companies. What we are calling for is a clear strategy or plan that will result in the bulk of cargo going through South African ports to be carried on South African ships.


1 As defined and amended in the Ships Registration Act.  Please refer to Appendix (A) Definitions.