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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003)

Industry Charters

Financial Sector Charter on Black Economic Empowerment

10. Ownership in the financial sector


10.1 Each financial institution will have a target of a minimum of 25% black ownership, measured at holding company level, by 2010.


10.2 A minimum of 10% of the target set in terms of paragraph 10.1 must be satisfied by way of direct ownership by black people, provided further that the financial institution complies with the provisions of paragraph 1 1.1 concerning the appointment of black directors.


Should the balance or any part of the balance of 15% be achieved by way of direct ownership a maximum of four bonus points will be awarded.


10.3 Direct ownership as contemplated in 10.2 should where possible meet the principles outlined in paragraph 9.2 and may include:
10.3.1 direct ownership in the financial institution as a result of BEE transaction financing;
10.3.2 broad-based ownership;
10.3.3 disposal of any assets, operations, businesses or subsidiaries by the financial institution as a going concern to black people;
10.3.4 direct shareholding or ownership with control, commensurate with the level of ownership concerned, at subsidiary or divisional level; or
10.3.5 joint venture or partnership arrangements.


10.4 Any transaction which involves BEE parties acquiring equity on a conditional, deferred basis, with no issue of equity carrying upfront economic interest, shall, for the avoidance of doubt, not fall to be counted as direct ownership for the purposes of paragraph 10.3 until such time as the equity is actually transferred.


10.5 A maximum of 15% of the target set in terms of paragraph 10.1 may be satisfied by way of indirect ownership by black people at group or subsidiary level. Financial institutions may only score indirect ownership points if they have reached a level of 10% direct ownership, and if they have taken active measures to meet the responsibilities outlined in section 12 of this charter. Indirect ownership will be measured on a basis to be agreed and approved by the Charter Council.


10.6 For the purposes of this charter, black ownership will be calculated as the agreed standard valuation of the black interests referred to in paragraph 10.3 expressed as a percentage of the agreed standard valuation of the South African operations of the financial institution on the date of the transaction. Where a BEE transaction results in black people acquiring 100% of an asset, operation, business or subsidiary from a financial institution the agreed standard valuation of that asset shall be deemed to be the transaction consideration applicable to the BEE transaction concerned, and the aforementioned percentage shall be calculated based on the agreed standard valuation (as defined) of the South African operations on the date of the transaction.


10.7 Only historical direct ownership transactions, which remain wholly or partially current on the effective date, can be included in the calculations of direct ownership. After the effective date, all direct ownership transactions can be included in the calculation of direct ownership, even if they unwind, provided they meet the principles of BEE transactions as provided in paragraph 9.2.


10.8 Any direct ownership transaction, which unwinds, must be referred to the Charter Council for analysis as to whether, when it was originally concluded, the transaction genuinely complied with the intent of paragraph 9.2. If the Charter Council decides that it was not, it may not be taken into account in calculating direct ownership.


10.9 If a financial institution is at least 25% owned by another financial institution, it may, in the calculation of direct black ownership, take into account a portion of the direct black ownership in that other company based on the percentage shareholding of that other company in the financial institution concerned.


10.10 Due to their unique nature, foreign banking groups with a branch structure will have the same target as is set out in paragraph 10.1, but will be permitted to address that target either —
10.10.1 by transactions contemplated in paragraphs 10.2 and 10.3 of this charter; or
10.10.2 by financing identified BEE transactions in addition to the investment contemplated in paragraph 9.1.5. Points and bonus points for such financing will be scored in the same way as if the financing (calculated as a percentage of the agreed standard valuation of the South African operations of the foreign banking group) equated the same percentage of direct ownership in terms of paragraph 10.2. At least 25% of this financing must be committed to BEE transactions in the financial sector.
10.10.3 Not more than 18 points may be earned in aggregate in terms of 10.10.1 and 10.10.2. BEE transactions identified in terms of 10.10.2 will, for the purposes of this charter, be treated as if they were ownership transactions, and shall be governed by all the provisions of paragraph 10, and shall not be measured or treated interchangeably with BEE transactions in paragraph 9.1.5.