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Academy of Science of South Africa, 2001 (Act No. 67 of 2001)

11. Financing


(1) The funds of the Academy consist of—
(a) money paid to the Academy by users of its services;
(b) donations or contributions lawfully received from any source;
(c) interest on investments; and

[Section 11(1)(c) substituted by section 11 of Act No. 16 of 2011]

(d) income derived under this Act from any other source.
(e) money appropriated by Parliament to support particular activities of the Academy.

[Section 11(1)(e) inserted by section 11 of Act No. 16 of 2011]


(2) The Academy must utilise any donations or contributions contemplated in subsection (1) (b) in accordance with the conditions, if any, imposed by the donor or contributor  concerned.


(3) The Academy may, in respect of any work completed or service rendered by it under this Act, charge such fees or make such other financial arrangements as it may deem fit.


(4) The Academy may  invest any unexpended portion of its funds with the Corporation for Public Deposits.