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World Heritage Convention Act, 1999 (Act No. 49 of 1999)


Amended Format and Procedure for Nomination of World Heritage Sites in the Republic of South Africa

6. Part 4: Time Table


(a) Tentative List Timetable

Proponents are encouraged to submit their nominations to the Department for Tentative Listing on or before 30 September of the year before the World Heritage Committee session of the subsequent year. The submission will then be subjected to the process as outlined in Part 2: Tentative Listing.


(b) Nomination Dossier Timetable





28 February Year 1

Deadline for receipt of draft nominations by the Department

March Year 1

The Department to respond to the nominating Authority, Body or person concerning the receipt and completeness of the dossier.

Mid March Year 1

Consideration of the Nomination Dossier by the SAWHCC


SAWHCC is a body established by the Minister in terms of section 6(2) of the WHCA to assist in identifying places of potential cultural and natural heritage and investigating the desirability of nominating such places for inclusion on the World Heritage List

April - July Year 1

The Department to respond to the nominating Authority, Body or person concerning the outcomes and recommendations of the SAWHCC.

August - December Year 1

Cabinet Process

Nomination Dossier would be subjected to Cabinet Process as determined by the Cabinet Timetable

January - August Year 2

Public Participation

A gazette Notice would be published informing the public of the State Party's intention to submit the Nomination Dossier to UNESCO for public knowledge and comments.

1 September Year 2

Deadline by which the Department informs the proponent of the nomination whether it is considered to contain all the relevant information to ensure a successful submission to UNESCO for Completeness Check


In the case where the Department is satisfied, the nomination dossier will subsequently be sent to UNESCO for further processing or consideration before 1 February of the following year.

1 September - 15 November Year 2

If necessary, the relevant proponent may be requested to submit additional information as proposed by the Department/SAWHCC and/or UNESCO

15 November - 15 December Year 2

Endorsement of additional information as requested above by SAWHCC and the Department

January - Year 3

Final Submission of the nomination dossier and endorsement by the Minister


Number of printed copies required

Nominations of cultural properties (excluding cultural landscapes): 3 copies
Nominations of natural properties: 4 copies
Nominations of mixed properties and cultural landscapes: 5 copies

Paper and electronic format

Nominations shall be presented on A4-size paper (or "letter"); and in electronic format (diskette or CD-ROM). At least one paper copy shall be presented in a loose-leaf format to facilitate photocopying, rather than in a bound volume.


The Department to submit the nomination dossier timeously to the Centre in Paris to arrive not later than 1 February of Year 2.


August - November Year 3

UNESCO Advisory body Technical Evaluation of the Site


The Advisory Bodies will evaluate whether or not properties nominated by States Parties have Outstanding Universal Value, meet the conditions of integrity and (when relevant) of authenticity and meet the requirements of protection and management.


The Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Committee are ICCROM (the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property), ICOMOS (the International Council on Monuments and Sites), and IUCN - the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

June - July Year 4

World Heritage Committee meeting—


The World Heritage Committee decides whether a site should or should not be inscribed on the World Heritage List, referred or deferred.


Submission to the Department:

Digital and a printed copy should be sent for the attention of the Director: Protected Areas Multilateral Programmes using the following address:

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Private Bag X447



Email: [email protected] and/or [email protected]