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World Heritage Convention Act, 1999 (Act No. 49 of 1999)

Chapter VII : General

44. Regulations


(1) The Minister may, subject to the objectives and fundamental principles of this Act, make regulations that are consistent with the Act with regard to—
(a) anything which in terms of this Act must be prescribed;
(b) generally, all matters which are reasonably necessary to be prescribed in order to achieve the objectives of this Act.


(2) Subject to the applicable law, the Minister may make regulations regarding—
(a) the conditions of service, employment, transfer, promotion and, where an Authority is already in existence, the continued employment of its employees;
(b) the transfer of employees from an organ of state to an Authority;
(c) the management and administration of an Authority;
(d) the determination of criteria for the making of appointments to a Board, including criteria for the determination of the rights of interested parties;
(e) the financial and accounting activities of an Authority;
(f) the identification, investigation and nomination of a future World Heritage Site;
(g) the management and control of a World Heritage Site;
(h) the administration, management and control of movable and immovable assets of an Authority; and
(i) the time, manner and form of complying with any administrative, technical or reporting requirements of the Convention.


(3) The Minister may—
(a) prescribe norms and standards for cultural or natural heritage that are consistent with the provisions of this Act; and
(b) prescribe national policy relating to the management of cultural or natural heritage in addition to, but not inconsistent with, the objectives and principles set out in this Act.


(4) The Minister may, by regulation, incorporate as many of, or all of, the Operational Guidelines as may be necessary, with the necessary changes, where appropriate, for their effective implementation in the Republic.