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Veterinary and Para-Veterinary Professions Act, 1982 (Act No. 19 of 1982)


Notice No. 342 of 1982


1. Definitions

2. Establishment of South African Veterinary Council

3. Objects of council

4. Powers and functions of council

5. Constitution of council

6. Qualifications of members council

7. Tenure of office of members of council

8. Vacation of office and filling of vacancies

9. President and vice-president of council

10. Meetings of council

11. Executive committee

12. Other committees

12A. Ad hoc appeal committees

13. Allowances of members of council and committees

14. Appointment of registrar and staff

15. Funds of council

16. Bookkeeping and auditing

17. Reports by council

18. Keeping of registers

19. Register to be proof

20. Qualifications for registration in terms of Act

20A. Compulsory community service

21. Para-veterinary professions

22. Students to be registered

23. Unregistered persons shall not practise veterinary or para-veterinary professions

24. Requirements for registration

25. Registration of persons

26. Maintenance of registration

27. Alteration of registration

28. Termination of registration

28A. Suspension of registration and termination of such suspension

29. Allocation of designations

29A. Powers of officers and other persons

30. Rules

31. Inquiry by council

31A. Manner in which certain investigations may be instituted

31B. Entry and search

32. Procedure at inquiry

33. Disciplinary powers of council

33A. Appeals against decisions of a Committee

34. Dispensing of medicine

35. Charges for the rendering of services

36. Obligation of employers

37. Secrecy

38. Correction of errors

39. Defect in form not to invalidate documents

40. Limitation of liability

41. Offences and penalties

42. [Repealed] Presumptions

43. Regulations

44. Repeal of laws

45. Short title and commencement