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South African Reserve Bank Act, 1989 (Act No. 90 of 1989)

Regulations Relating to the South African Reserve Bank

Chapter II : Registration and Transfer of Shares

3. Disclosure of associates



3.1) A shareholder required in terms of section 22(2) of the Act to make disclosure of associates, shall lodge the required information -
a) within 40 days of the date on which these Regulations are promulgated, or
b) if the obligation to disclose arises in respect of any event that takes place after the date of promulgation mentioned in (a), within 40 days of the date of such event.


3.2) Any prospective buyer of shares shall be required to disclose his, her or its associates on application to purchase shares in the manner as may be required by the Bank.


3.3) Information in terms of Regulation 3.1 must be lodged in the format of the Schedule at the end of these Regulations.