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South African Reserve Bank Act, 1989 (Act No. 90 of 1989)

Regulations Relating to the South African Reserve Bank

Chapter II : Registration and Transfer of Shares

2. Register of shareholders



2.1) The Bank shall maintain in electronic format a register of shareholders in which the following information is recorded in respect of each shareholder:
a) full name and address;
b) the number of shares held; and
c) the date on which the name of a shareholder was entered in the register for the first time.


2.2) The Bank may from time to time publish and make publicly known the information kept in the register of shareholders, in a medium and format that it deems fit.


2.3) If shares are registered in the name of a central securities depository as provided for in section 22(4) of the Act -
a) the register shall record the central securities depository as the "nominal shareholder" and the holders of a beneficial interest in those shares as the "beneficial shareholder";
b) the restrictions imposed under sections 22 and 23 of the Act on the shareholdings and the voting rights of associates, shall apply in respect of beneficial shareholders;
c) beneficial shareholders must comply with the obligation to disclose associates in terms of section 22 of the Act and as further provided for in these Regulations.


2.4) The Bank shall maintain the register at its head office where it may be inspected by directors, shareholders and members of the public during office hours, on prior arrangement and subject to any restrictions determined by the Secretary from time to time.


2.5) The Bank shall keep a further record for each shareholder of -
a) an address for electronic service;
b) the bank account or address nominated for receipt of dividend payments;
c) the full names of all other shareholders that are associates of that shareholder and their relationship;
d) the certificate number of a lost or destroyed share certificate for which a replacement was issued, and a record of the indemnity held in respect of it;
e) the number of shares held with the certificate numbers of share certificates issued in respect of those shares;
f) the dates on which shares were transferred to the shareholder;
g) the dates on which shares mentioned in (f) were disposed of; and
h) statutory information.


2.6) On receipt of written notice from the shareholder, the Bank shall update the information mentioned under item (a) of Regulation 2.1 and items (a) to (c) and (h) of Regulation 2.5.


2.7) An inspection under Regulation 2.4 shall be by prior arrangement, and subject to any reasonable restrictions determined by the Secretary from time to time.


2.8) The information kept in terms of Regulation 2.5 does not form part of the register and is not open for inspection.


2.9) The Bank may close the register for periods not exceeding an aggregate of sixty days per annum, provided that the Bank gives notice in advance to shareholders.